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Green Mountain Insulated Glass

Manufacturer of Custom Small Lite, Narrow Sightline, Insulated Glass

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. is primarily a manufacturer of insulated glass (Double Pane) units  for the custom, true divided lite window and door market. We produce the highest quality of small lite, narrow sightline insulated glass in the industry. We offer some of the best warranties available for insulated glass.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. stocks many types of “mouth blown-cylinder” and “drawn” Restoration Glasses. Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. routinely supplies Restoration Glass as insulated Restoration Glass units; custom laminated Restoration Glass (which is safety code compliant for doors and sidelites); and monolithic Restoration Glass in both stock sheets and lites cut to size. Also, Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. can use laminated Restoration Glass in conjunction with other tempered or laminated safety glass to form Restoration/Safety Glass IG units.

Dual Seal – Silicone/PIB IG Units

This insulating glass unit has perhaps the Best longevity of all commercially available IG units. Read more.

Warm Edge IG Units

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc.’s Reverse Seal – Dual Seal has value particularly in prevention of perimeter condensation, which has been known to damage expensive custom window millwork. Read more.

Argon and Krypton Gas Filling of IG Units

Argon or Krypton gas filling between the panes of a sealed IG unit increases the thermal efficiency of the window and helps prevent condensation on the glass and helps promote soundproofing. Read more.

Specialty Glass Options

Many kinds of Restoration, Pattern, and Stained Glasses are available in Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. products in both insulated, monolithic, laminated – safety, and occasionally tempered safety glass.

Dual Seal-Silicone/PIB

Two moisture-barrier side beads of PIB (Polyisobutylene), which is UV resistant, minimizes moisture permeation and provides an outstanding argon barrier.

Warm Edge IG Units

Warm Edge IG units have the significant advantage of not conducting as much perimeter cold temperature through the unit as a metal spacer, increasing the units efficiency.

Argon Gas Filled

We use argon gas between the sealed window panes, increasing the efficiency of the insulated glass. It also helps prevent frosting and promotes sound proofing.

Recent Customer Comments

“GMIG always provides excellent communication and a really fantastic product.”

“Your product is exceptional and I continually get asked where we get our glass.”

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