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Argon Gas Filled

The normal desiccated air inside of an IG unit contains oxygen. When the glazing cavity of an IG unit is filled with an inert gas that displaces this oxygen, it is less able to allow the cold to pass through the unit by convection and conduction. Effective gases to use are Argon, Krypton, or with mixed results, a combination of the two.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass provides Argon filled IG units if requested by the customer. With our state-of-the-art, vacuum filling equipment, Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. is able to fill metal spacer units through the back of metal spacer without visually interrupting the interior surface of each unit with unsightly plugs or holes. Back holes are sealed with plugs made of PIB. In Superspacer units, filling holes are self-sealing and not visible to our customer and Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. exceeds typical care of other IG fabricators by placing a Mylar tape supplied and recommended for use here by the manufacturer of Superspacer. While companies that omit the gas filling, hole-covering Mylar tape are possibly building an accepted IG unit, Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. believes it is more important to use the best materials and techniques available, as defined by the manufacturer of the spacer to preserve unit longevity.

Krypton gas filling is also available from Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc.. Our policy is to first purge the IG cavity with an Argon fill, and then fill with Krypton; which provides a substantially higher insulating value when units have a narrower cavity, but is also significantly more costly. Use of Krypton gas in thin insulated glass will have an advantage over Argon gas. Each situation requires individual examination to determine if Krypton gas use justifies its additional expense.


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