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Our Process

The Green Mountain Insulated Glass Process

Once we have consulted with a client and established any requirements (quantity, size, aesthetics, or other custom needs), the major manufacturing process then involves glass cutting, glass washing, spacer assembly, optional gas filling, and sealing.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass window products are offered as a combination of two or more sheets of glass, spaced apart with a spacer bar and sealed to create a single unit.  The idea is to have the separated glass panes act as an effective insulation barrier against outdoor elements.

Precision Glass Cutting

Based on client requirements, panes of glass are precisely measured and cut to size.  We take great care to reduce mistakes and wastage, keeping the project within budget limits.


The glass is then machine washed to remove any bit of debris.  Finally, the washed piece is inspected before moving to the next step in the manufacturing process.


With the glass panes prepared, the next step is to assemble them together using one of Green Mountain Insulated Glass’ spacer systems.  Our spacers are high quality and advanced systems that are an important part of the insulation process.  Please take a look at our Dual Seal-Silicone/PIB IG Units and Warm Edge IG Units for more information on each system we offer.  Rest assured, Green Mountain Insulated Glass spacer systems combine advanced insulating properties along with outdoor noise dampening.

Gas Filling

Green Mountain Insulated Glass offers the use of either Argon or Krypton gas.  They both do a great job at lowering the window’s U-factor rating.  Find out more about our use of gas filling here.


Finally, we seal the IG units with one of two types of sealant.  We use a High Strength Hot Melt Butyl sealant for the units built with a warm edge spacer, we also use a silicone specifically designed for use on insulated glass units by Dow® for the units built with Aluminum spacer.

Cleaning & Inspection

After the sealant used on the double pane units has cured we then clean them with an environmentally friendly glass cleaner.  Once the units are cleaned, they get a thorough inspection of all components of the unit.  Once the unit has passed our stringent quality control inspection it gets a label stating the customer name, job reference, dimensions, and any other pertinent information.  When the unit is ready it continues down the production path to the shipping department.  We carefully box the units in a cellofoam lined box or a specially made crate, and ship to our customer.

The Green Mountain Insulated Glass Team

Of Course, the most important part of the process we employ is the Green Mountain Insulated Glass team itself.  Each member of the company is highly skilled in the insulated glass manufacturing system.  This skill shows with every meticulously crafted unit that comes out of our location.

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