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Green Mountain Insulated Glass – Types of Glasses

Green Mountain Insulated Glass fabricates insulated glass units with many different types of glasses. We offer the standard options commercially available in insulated glass from clear and low e annealed or tempered to fancy beveled and impact resistant IG units. Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. stocks six or more different types of handmade “cylinder” Restoration Glass and three major types of “drawn” Restoration Glasses. These Restoration Glasses may be for monolithic use, in IG units, custom laminated as a monolithic safety product, or then used in a safety code compliant IG unit. Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. also either stocks in house or has timely access to Bulls Eyes” and many other types of stained, obscured, or pattern glasses; most of which can be insulated or laminated to become safety glazing. Our IG units can even be manufactured with Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. using customer supplied leaded or other specific glass. Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. occasionally has a generous supply of “antique” or “salvaged” period glass. This material can provide that “certain charm” desired in specific projects and is appropriate mostly in single glazing applications but can be insulated.

In any case, Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. is always willing to help its good customers to find glass to fit specification for special projects.


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“GMIG always provides excellent communication and a really fantastic product.”

“Your product is exceptional and I continually get asked where we get our glass.”

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