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Warm Edge IG Units

One of the largest problems in many insulated glass windows is that of condensation around the perimeter of the IG units. The result can be premature aging and actual damage of costly finishes on high-end custom windows and even the millwork itself.

Warm Edge IG UnitsThis moisture can then freeze in very cold weather producing frost and even deteriorate the window further. Warm Edge IG units have the significant advantage of not conducting as much perimeter cold temperature through the unit as a metal spacer, which obviously also increases the units efficiency. Warm Edge IG also has a small increase in ability to limit sound transmission. Because it is a flexible spacer, bending it to complex shapes can be achieved more easily and cost effectively to the customer than with metal spacers.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass again produces a much better Warm Edge IG unit than most of the competition. Our sightlines consistently run true and straight. The materials, sealants, and procedures employed by Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc., though they are not necessarily the least expensive of the options, they are always the best of the production options. Eg …. The spacer we employ for this product is Quanex Superspacer. It is a silicone foam spacer, the back of which is clad with mylar (which is impervious to water vapor). Quanex provides a mylar tape which is used to cover any gaps that might happen to be created in a unit’s construction. (Breaches in the unit perimeter occur when argon gas is added or typically in the unit’s connecting corner.) Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. always covers any similar breaches in the mylar cladding. Using the mylar tape is very often omitted by other manufacturers of warm edge IG. It is likely a customer of Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. who purchases our Warm Edge IG will notice other product enhancing practices that gives our customer’s windows a distinct advantage.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass, Inc. does not use irregularly surfaced glass, such as many of the Restoration glasses, with Superspacer because of the glass’s irregular surface. We can, however, custom laminate almost all these glasses to a piece of flat glass forming a safety glass with a flat side and then construct IG units from that glass. At any rate, we would be happy to discuss how we might be able to help you, our customer, decide the very best choice for your needs.


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